What do you think of when you see the word inclusive? Do you think of including someone at a lunch table? Does it mean having a classroom that is inclusive of everyone and all their abilities? Do you think of an all-inclusive resort with endless amounts of food to consume? Well, in our eyes these are all good things.

We created this shirt so everyone could bring their own meaning to it. We see the word “exclusive” in our world to label something as special or cool, and well, we all know that kind is the new cool, so out with the exclusive and in with the inclusive. We have endless ways to apply this message in our world, so we encourage you all to go out and “walk the walk”.

Let us teach our children to be inclusive. Encourage them to sit by someone new, invite everyone to the party and simply ask someone else how they are doing.

Let us remember that we are the walking examples our children learn from. Let us step outside our comfort zones and make a new friend. Let us be aware of our own actions and really be the role model our children need to pave the way.

Let us create buildings & classrooms that are inclusive for all and give every human the opportunity to shine brightly.

Let us see magazines, movies and billboards with representation of ALL ethnicities, abilities, political/religious beliefs and sexual orientations.

Let us make “inclusive” a word we will wear proudly and live by. Our Let’s Redefine Normal campaign encouraged people to embrace their version of “normal” because being different IS normal. So with all our differences, like the icing on top of the all you can eat cake, let us show love & kindness to everyone because inclusion is always IN.


Inclusive - Mama Said Tees

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