I just thought you should know…

Every MWF when I am driving home from spin class, I am all alone, listening to my music, soaking up the beautiful life around me. Without fail, I ALWAYS see a man wheeling his dog, and I cannot help but think how lucky I am to bare witness to his morning ritual. When I say “wheeling” I mean this man is in a motorized wheel chair at 6:30 AM, before hardly anyone else has started their day. Yet he must find something truly special about getting up before the masses and spending time with his dog. Yesterday I spotted him at a DIFFERENT time of day in what I assume must be his driveway with his wife watching his son shoot hoops. He makes the VERY best of whatever cards he has been dealt, and he has inspired me to do the same!

On that street there are lots of beautiful, well kept homes. I’ve had my eyes on this home for some time. It sold last year, and the work done prior to the sale was truly transformative. Luckily, the new owners have taken so much pride in their yard and since I knew what it looked like BEFORE, I wanted to commend their hard work. I stuck this in their mailbox last night and hope that they feel somehow rewarded for giving me something so pretty to look at on my morning drives.

FacetuneWe thought it might be fun to offer printables of a few little thoughtful cards that you could print and keep, for when a time arises that you wish you could leave someone a note. Post on social media if you wish using hashtags #mamasaidtees #thekindnessboomerang and maybe others will follow your lead! We would love to see these acts featured in your stories, too!

Say you are out to dinner and you see a family with young children behaving beautifully. OR maybe they are behaving like children, but you respect the parents for how they dealt with their unpredictable behavior and want to commend them. Maybe ask the waiter/waitress to drop the “I just thought you should know… you have the loveliest family” card off at their table. I know if someone were to send me a little note saying that, I would feel SO happy. I’d likely cry. Because there isn’t a day when I don’t question whether or not I’m doing a good job being a mom, and it can never hurt to feel like you are in fact doing a GOOD job at your most important job.

There might also be a time when someone who is serving you in some capacity goes above and beyond what you know is expected of them, and you just want to make sure that they know you appreciate hard work and good customer service. Maybe you could leave the “I just thought you should know… you are so good at what you do” card. The world could sure use some more motivation to keep up the “good work”.

Take notice of yards and flowers for the rest of the summer and carefully choose recipients for the last 2. A beautiful home is what inspired this little project after all. And it took me a month to drop my note!

We believe that small little acts of love go a very long way. Kindness is like a boomerang. So throw a few out in the world and enjoy whatever good returns to you! My next mission is to put a note in my Wheeling Hero’s mailbox telling him how inspiring he is to me.


C+C (+Anna, too!) —> Click the photo below to download the printable


And click here to download our FREE #everydaykind cards so you can perform random acts of kindness to your liking every day!

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