Everybody is Different (Different is Normal)

We are so honored to share this blog, written by the fabulous Katie Crenshaw. We have “known” Katie for about 2 years, and are so proud to work alongside her to celebrate our differences and give back to an amazing foundation. Enjoy and… be kind! April 30, 2018 As Charlie nears her third birthday, I […]

I am totally normal

I often find myself wondering how I got to where I am. Sometimes all I have to do is close my eyes, and I can vividly remember a specific moment when I was with my sister. She is playing with her eyebrows, or doing her lipstick in her little pink mirror with a frog prince […]

How throwing out a little love changed my marriage

I am going to get a little bit personal for today’s blog post, but I think that this topic lends itself so beautifully to showing love. In September of 2015, we were still adjusting to our new life: moving from St. Louis to Indy and going from two to four kids and then, just for […]

Throw A Little Love

Much of our happiness is dependent upon how others treat us; how they make us feel. In most cases, people treat us the way we treat others

Do Good

We believe that being kind is the first most important thing that we can be in our lifetime. On our journey to spread kindness we have discovered that there are so many ways to be kind. One of those ways is to do good. Webster’s online dictionary says that “do good” means to act virtuously, especially […]